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Information Station:

Qualified and unbiased information is what I focus on during our consultations and continued tree treatments. I strive to not only continue my education every day, but to provide it in such a way that people can access and benefit from it. Trees are highly misunderstood throughout the public; even certified arborists can hold misinformation and improper diagnostic tools when most tree services are only there to try and sell you a service (as implied). They only have but a few minutes on the property and can miss vital pieces of information regarding the health of your tree. Here you will find a collection of the most commonly asked questions, problems, myths, and protocols for trees.

Resource information will be updated periodically .

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Forest Lake

What is a Certified Arborist?

Organic Tree Treatments VS Chemical Usage

What is a Consulting Arborist?

How Do You Perform a Basic Tree Health Inspection?

How to Find the Right Tree Service?

Safe Tree-Trimming Practices. Why? When? How Much?

How Often Should I Water My Tree?

My Tree has Been in the Ground for Less Than 5  to 10 years, and it has Never Grown.

How to Treat Drought-Stressed Trees.

How to Plant
a New Tree.

What is a Root Collar, or Root Flair, on a Tree?

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Should I Spray a Tree?

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What is an Emerald Ash Borer? (EAB)

What are the Benefits of Composting and Mulch Rings?

What are Ipps Bark Beetles?

What is Dutch Elm Disease (DED)?

What is Sycamore Anthracnose?

What is Fireblight?

What is (Iron)

Safe Tree Insecticide Homeowner Protocols

Safe Tree Fertilizer Homeowner Protocols

Safe Tree Fungicide Homeowner Protocols

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