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Tree Texture

Safe Tree Insecticide Homeowner Protocols

**Read and follow all labels associated with the product you are using.** There are many different options when it comes to safe practices as a homeowner. It should be known that a lot of the chemicals I use can be purchased and applied by homeowners. The key is to first properly identify the pest, have a targeted approach, and properly select what insecticide is best for the situation. The best option for homeowners is an imidacloprid that is applied systemically through Basel drench (meaning mixed in a bucket and poured at the base of the tree). Here is a link to the best option that can be purchased at most large retail stores. Name of the product is BioAdvanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. It comes in a blue bottle and can be purchased at most large retail stores. **This insecticide is broad spectrum, meaning it kills beneficial insects as well and can harm honeybees** Please read all instructions and time properly!

Link to general use insecticide product mentioned.

Link to Armored Pine Scale Treatment **Must be combined with non-ionic surfactant**

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