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Tree Texture


Hi, I'm Will and I'm a Consulting Arborist. I specialize in the long term planning, management, and treatments of your woody plants aka TREES! Most Arborists either trim your trees or if you're lucky apply topical treatments to help reduce symptoms like beetles and fungus but fail to locate and treat the causations of the problems. Thus rendering the treatments ineffective and your time and money wasted. As an authority for trees I have taken the time to learn and understand trees and the sciences associated with them to a deeper degree than most arborists.


During your consultation, we create the best management plan for your trees based on its needs, your abilities, goals, and the services I offer. Through trusted diagnostic techniques and up to date woody plant health care practices you can trust that you are receiving correct information from an unbiased qualified source.

As your consultant I'm not there to sell you on services, I'm there to educate and provide you with correct information so that you can make well informed decisions for the preservation of your trees and provide you with the tools and services to do so. Please take the time to read some of my clients testimonials to better understand and know not only the quality of workmanship, but the passion and love I put into my work.

Credentialing, Licenses, and Cultural Practices

As an authority on trees I value authenticity and transparency. As you can see I have provided copies of all credentials, certificates, and licenses to authenticate my position on the subject and prove my ability to do business throughout Utah and the United states. I provide all consultations, diagnostics and treatments myself and hold no staff. I am what you call an arborist to the fullest extent. The culture I practice is treatments of anatomy-physiology and site, rather than symptoms. This is because 90% of tree problems started as abiotic (non living) and 90% of abiotic problems are problems with the trees anatomy or site conditions. In other words; my primary focus of tree treatments is organic based principals.

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