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Tree Texture

What are the Benefits of Composting and Mulch Rings?

There are countless benefits from the proper use of compost and mulch at the base of your trees. First and foremost, it creates the environment needed to sustain healthy soil microbes, moisture, and root health. We have shown through several studies that a proper compost and mulch ring will give better results than any amount of supplemental fertilizer. You use much less water and, over time, have less water needs. But not all compost and mulch are the same. I only recommend the use of grade A compost. The only facility available that offers this product is Oquirrh Mountain Compost. You can have the product delivered, picked up by the truckload, bagged, or in a 5 gallon bucket. All mulch should be free of dye and not contain any inorganic material. Most of the time, products from the dump or green waste are just that...waste. It doesn't contain the proper enzymes, bacteria, fungus, minerals, or microbes needed to sustain proper soil health. Most, if not all, products purchased from large retail stores are not grade A compost or mulch that's free from any dye or processed wood materials. 


To install a new mulch ring, first perform a root-collar excavation, removing all girdling roots. First lay ¼” to ½” of compost (black gold), then layer 2” to 3” of compost (wood chips) on top and water deeply. Don’t volcano mulch; you must keep the root flair exposed of all material. Please see link for more information on root flair

Compost supplier 


Oquirrh Mountain Compost


800 Central Valley Rd, South Salt Lake, UT 84119

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