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Certified & Experienced

Consulting Arborist Services


William Pruitt

ISA Certified Arborist UT 4596am

CSID 276425

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My Background

Hi, I'm Will and I'm a Consulting Arborist. I specialize in the long term planning, management, and treatments of your woody plants aka TREES! Most Arborists either trim your trees or if you're lucky apply topical treatments to help reduce symptoms like beetles and fungus but fail to locate and treat the causations of the problems. Thus rendering the treatments ineffective and your time and money wasted.


As an authority for trees I have taken the time to learn and understand trees and the sciences associated with them to a deeper degree than most arborists. 

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Broken Trunk

Request A Consultation

Get expert advice on the health and beauty of your property with a consultation from TreeMendus Arbor Care. Unlock tailored solutions to fit any budget, climate or lifestyle!

Services Offered

Site Consultations

A comprehensive assessment of your landscape and trees, we can provide expert insights into any areas that may need extra care. 

Estate Management and Long Term Planning

By working together to identify your needs, desires and available budget, I help you craft long term goals for your estate that are realistic and achievable.

In Depth
Tree Appraisals

Discover the monetary worth of your land's natural features and unlock an understanding into its value, both functional and financial.

Expert Witness and Litigation

Need to prove your case in a legal dispute involving trees or landscaping? An experienced consulting arborist be the key to building a strong case and uncovering critical evidence.

Tree Healthcare and Tree Preservation

Help your trees reach their full potential by following the best plant care practices! Cultivate a healthy, thriving environment for them to grow and mature.

Tree Trimming and
Tree Removal

Through careful consideration of the land and environment, we will devise a plan that outlines tree trimming and removal procedures to ensure safety for all.

What's A Consulting Arborist?

“Consulting Arborists are the authoritative experts on trees and bring an objective, comprehensive viewpoint to their clients—ensuring the safety, health, and preservation of trees. Servicing a wide variety of clients, including property owners, municipalities, contractors, attorneys, insurance professionals, landscape architects, developers, engineers, other arborists, and more”


- American Society of Consulting Arborists


"Will was excellent! He was punctual and new exactly what to do to keep my 70 year old White Ash tree healthy as well as the other trees in my yard. He was also happy to let me tag along and tell me what he was doing and why. I would refer him in a heartbeat."

Wayne Staker

Forest Trees

How To Diagnosis A Tree

On this site you will find helpful answers and guidance for common queries regarding all aspects related to tree care - from myths, problems & protocols – providing invaluable insight into understanding your beloved trees better!

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